North Berks Supertrial ... 2012

Stuart Robinson contacted me earlier in the year to let me know about the Supertrial dates, and asked if I was going to be there with my camera... now I don't tend to do dates and calendars etc, preferring to do things on the spur of the moment but the supertrial is something i have been wanting to get too for several years.

This year would turn out to be the one I wanted to see even more, because of the no-stop rules now running in the BTC I lost interest in going to see them and I wanted to see some good old fashioned trick riding :)
For those that have not been to a supertrial I would describe the sections as a cross between natural and indoor type sections. In this case the only natural thing at the piece of ground they use for the event is grass and some humps and bumps so it has all been man-made over the years.

The ACU could learn an awfull lot about how to put on an event from Stuart and the North Berks club, the event was well publicised, well signposted, well organised, brilliantly set out and wonderfully executed ... and we got lucky with the weather! In fact it got me thinking that perhaps we should stop trying to make the BTC so that anybody can ride it and have an Elite Championship in the style of this event (much like the european urban trials) and stage the rounds either near towns or even in them... or perhaps in conjunction with some of the extreme Enduro or big motocross events. This would then allow the expert, youth a & b's, and Ladies championships be run as they are now but all on the same weekend and same location, giving the clubs a good entry and a reason to spend all that time an effort on the sections.. but i digress, join in our facebook discussion for that sort of thing!!

I won't give you a section by section account of the event as reports have and will appear in print and online for that sort of thing but will mention a few things... Brad Cox, now there is a star for the future. He attempted everything full on with his 125 Beta, even getting up and over a few things that some fo the big boys didn't manage on their 300's! Great to watch and the crowd loved him. The sections were tough, but I believe every part of every section was ridden clean at some point... and it was good seeing all the minders work together to save any nasty falls as much as possible. Of course the banter from the minders and riders was also worth the admission price alone :) Some of them deserve a comedy slot on BBC 4 at least. .. James Dabill, his riding seems to have jumped up a class. So smooth and only using the revs that are needed rather than just fly at everything full throttle. His only 5 was for running out of time in a section!!
Until you have stood by the side of some of the drop-offs and seen the riders drop off them you won't appreciate how good the modern bikes are... not only built to be extremely light weight but they can put up with that sort of punishment time and time again.
And on a personnal note, it was good to see the new Jotagas in the flesh for the first time! Looks massively better, very classy and well put together and i even grabbed a quick ride on Ross Danby's at the end... i want one :) (Not sure where i would put the 2nd shock though!!)

A great event and all credit to Stuart and the North Berks team ... try and make it next year if you didn't this. You will love it.

Image galleries :- Qualifying laps ..... Final ..... A few paddock shots