Very Special Honda RTL260 ....
honda montesa 4rt/rtl 260


You will know that I am a sucker for something a bit special.. bing'd you may say!! When some has taken the trouble, and money, to make their bike exactly what they want it to be or look like it deserves to be shown to the big wide world .. well here is such an example.

I won't give full names or location but let us just say that Andy from our Western Centre has put together this stunning looking RTL/4RT and it it will be best if I just hand over to him to give the run-down on what he has done to it ....

"I' ve always liked the original Honda RTL 250, but when they first came out, I wasn't riding trials, just watched with my brother and dad. Then, when i bought my first trials bike, in 1985, a rather tatty Suzuki Beamish RL 250, (i didn't actually do trials as i got posted with the RAF to Germany) still lusted after an RTL, but the lottery didn't exist back then, so it was only a dream. I actually finally got to ride trials in 1990, when i bought a TY 250 mono off Roger Hand, so it was well fettled, but alas, not an RTL.
  Then in 2000, I got my first Montesa 315R (had 3 of these over the years), which had the Honda engine, but still no RTL but finally, after all these years, I've got a Honda RTL. Its not a genuine one, it's my take on the Honda RTL 260 2010 model, which has the silver frame and HRC 260 kit, sold in Japan only, but I think it's great and I hope you like what I've done.
  I'd love to get the 260 kit from Josep, just to finish it off, but it's rather pricey and I really don't need it, I need to start enjoying my dream bike.
  I Bought all these parts over an 18 month period, most of which had been fitted to my previous Montesa 4RT, before I transferred them over to my new Honda RTL. Fortunately I paid a much lower price for them all, as Josep has just put his prices up (the mudguards have almost doubled in price) but even so, it still adds up to quite a lot of hard earned cash.

 The engine is standard and so is the throttle body (it's more than good enough for my limited ability). It now weighs in at 75.2 kg fully fuelled up and ready to ride, so about 3.8kg less than a standard bike. Most of what I've done has substantially reduced the weight of the original parts, but some have added weight, due to not being on the standard bike... Parts are as follows..
Mitani flat tank, J Banyeres
Mitani carbon fibre tank cover, J Banyeres with a vinyl decal I designed and made myself.
Future billet alloy fuel tank base with carbon fuel hose and alloy banjo bolts.
Future carbon micro brake and clutch hoses, Future. I added heat shrink to to protect the areas that wear.
Front top brake hose guide made by me, bottom hose mount in stainless, rear P clips replaced with small black ones.
Renthal medium handlebar grips, BVM.
S3 brake and clutch lever adjusters, BVM.
S3 hardrock alloy foot pegs, BVM.
Repsol alloy footrest hangers (over half price off on eBay), Pidcocks.
Repsol carbon fibre headlight, (1/3rd of the normal price, eBay), with vinyl decal I designed and made myself.
Honda RTL front and rear mudguards, J Banyeres.
Honda RTL frame decals modified for black frame, J Banyeres.
Mudguard spacers and brake hose holder.
Front wheel spacer (replaces speedo drive).
Mitani valve caps, J Banyeres.
Mitani carbon fibre fork guards, J Banyeres.
Mitani carbon fibre fork brace, J Banyeres.
Triple clamps powder coated satin black, me.
All vent hoses replaced with nylon green hose, BVM.
Mitani 5mm 2024 alloy extended bash plate, J Banyeres.
Mitani 27mm titanium exhaust header pipe with mitani extended carbon guard, J Banyeres.
Mitani titanium silencer with mitani carbon cover, J Banyeres.
Mitani carbon rear airbox/mudguard, mud/splash/support, J Banyeres.
Mitani carbon air box cover, J Banyeres.
Mitani micro condenser, J Banyeres.
Light weight alloy rectifier bracket.
Mitani titanium side stand, (as light as a feather and strong, the standard stand is hopeless).J Banyeres.
H&D titanium suspension plates, (stop damage to the bearings and jack the back up a little) H&D.
Future snail cam chain adjusters, Pidcocks.
Iris gold chain &Talon 9f & 43r sprockets, BVM.
NG rear disc, BVM.
Home made carbon fibre sprocket guards front and rear, me.
Black satin painted disc guards front and rear, by me.
Ohlins Heavier rear shock Spring (for my 13.5 stones of weight), MHRacing.

rtl260 fuel tank

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