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Originaly from Battle, East Sussex but has been living near Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset since 1996. Been riding on and off since 1970. Owner of this site and rides the over 40's route. Sometimes plays at cycle trials as well.
Son of Squancey, been riding with us for a couple of years and has just passed his driving test. Recently started to push himself and now tries some of the hard route sections. Rides more events than the rest of us put together!
dave squance Squancey...
Dave is even older than Heath!! He goes out and rides events with his lad Ben but sticks to the easy route to save himself for work! Always a handy man to have around as a minder for when we look at silly things!!
He has taken over from Barry as our resident lunatic.. point at something and he will have a go. Cameras are always ready when he is around. He finished the '08 SSDT ... his first attempt. Has an amazing knack of saving huge crashes with the help of his long legs.
Dad of Karl. He doesn't get out with us that frequently but has come on leaps and bounds since recent change of bike. Always good for a funny face when attempting something tricky! Another good man to follow with the camera.
Youngest member of our team. Rides a little Beta rev3 auto and is really getting his confidence now. Karl loves to shout for Heath to get a picture of his Dad when he crashes!! As with all kids, he bounces well.
South African now living near Cheltenham. Chris is another who doesn't get out that much with us but more than makes up for it in enthusiasm. Loves a BBQ.
Mad Quad rider. Mike points out dodgy sections and then zooms off up something steep on his Honda Quad!! A serious Motorcycle racing accident prevents him from joining us on 2 wheels but more than makes up for it in encouragement towards the rest of us.
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