This seasons clothing collection ... !

 Time for a change, and thanks to the generosity of John Shirt at TrialsEnduroDirect and also MOTS Racing I am now kited out with some lovely looking MOTS riding gear and silver, yes silver!, Hebo boots.

 ... Time for the first event of 2014. My first trial for nearly a year, and first ride on any bike for 3 months!!

jotagas 250
Thanks to Steve Saunders and Izzy for the loan of the lovely Jotagas 250 for the day at Zona 1 mcc ...
And too Steve Workman for the photo of me above from the event .. see his photos here 

... well the first ride with the new kit has happened. Couldn't have been a better day to test it, had been raining for about a month before the event and there was a little rain to start with. Also the ground was very muddy (including finely ground up Cotswold stone) and there were some large pools of water throughout the venue ... enough to fully test the durability and water resistance of anything!

  I will start from the ground up.. The Hebo boots were very comfortable all day, and keep in mind this was their first wearing. Very easy to adjust and do up and remove even with very muddy and cold hands. No water got to my socks through the sole stitching but I generally put some clear dubbin around this area after a ride or two so hopefully it remains fairly water tight.

  As you can see I wear free-ride type jeans that go over the top of the boots. Two major advantages of this for me, first it stops water and mud dropping down into the boots and secondly I have to wear a knee brace and it allows me to do so and maintain complete free movement with no snagging. The MOTS Rover jean have small vents just above the knee area and they must have done a good job as I didn't feel too hot and clammy in the jeans even after a 4 hour trial... also I didn't get any mud or water through the vents, which have a small mesh guarding, so full marks all around. The double velcor straps on either side allowed for a perfect fit adjustment and the velcro wrap at the bottom of each leg allowed me to slide them over the boots and do up correctly easily. Another bonus point is that they washed up to look totally brand new. May be in the summer I could find this style of jean a bit hot, but we will wait to see if we get a summer!!

  The shirt was worn but over the top of a compression base layer and under the jacket so not much I can add at present other than it is very comfortable around the kneck area. The MOTS Stone jacket is lovely. Lightweight and with an airtex type lining it performs it's job very well, I was warm but not over warm. You can zip the sleeves off for days that you just want body coverage, but this day was not one of those!! During the light rain at the beginning of the trial I could see the water beading up and running off and as with the jeans no mud or water managed to find it's way past at all. The pockets all stayed dry as well. Adjustment on the bottom of the jacket and the cuff velcro's enabled a good fit, with no restriction of movement noticed. And once again it has cleaned up easily to look new.

  The MOTS Step2 gloves I was very impressed with even before riding, probably the most comfortable gloves I have ever ridden with. For some reason I have always been a bit heavy on gloves, wearing them out very quickly ... sometimes after just one trial. But these not only survived the day but also I didn't loose grip at all in the mud and water. The small padding in a couple of areas certainly seem to work as I had no blisters or rubbing even after so long without riding a bike. Once again after a wash they look brabd new again ... so far then top marks to the MOTS products and Hebo boots. I didn't get a chance to use the MOTS helmet as I had set it up to use the GoPro on, but chickened out of that after realising that several sections were under the trees and I knew I would forget to duck!! .. The Airoh was incredibly comfortable and lightweight, and the vent covers I had fitted (they come with the helmet) did their job perfectly to keep water and mud out of the almost full length vents on top of the helmet. ... what more can I say ... perfect all around so far.

 mots jacket  mots jeans  mots shirt  mots gloves

 First up is the Stone Jacket, which has elastic fabric in sides and neck, waterproof zippers. lycra cuffs, detachable sleeves and is Water Resistant. Some neat touches are the drop down rear to keep mud and water out of your jean waist area, and a popper cover over the bottom of the main zip to stop it rubbing on the bike and also to prevent it being pulled open as you ride.

 The Jeans are almost cargo style, for me it is needed to accommodate a custom knee brace that will soon be arriving. I have tried wearing a brace with the traditional tight lycra jeans but just feel restricted and also i like the way this style goes over the boots as it helps keep the crud out! These are the MOTS Rover jean that is manufactured in Polyamide 32OD, it offers more resistance to both abrasion and adverse weather conditions. Elastic materials in the joint areas allow maximum comfort. Multi panel inner lining. Foam (8mm) protection in the knee. Adjustable waist and ankle. Again some neat touches particularly the pull up tag on the rear of the waist..!

 The shirt is the MOTS Step 2. Manufactured in an elastic, light, resistant and breathable polyester. Vented fabric in the underarm and neck. Anatomical arms. Foam protection (4mm) in the shoulders. Rib knit cuffs for a perfect fit. Sublimation printing, easy to wash and colour resistance. It has a very comfortable neck area with no chance of rubbing.

 The Step 2 gloves are manufactured in a highly breathable elastic fabric (4 way stretch) and embossed neoprene in the reverse. High resistance micro fiber in the palm. Pre curved fingers and seamless on the end index finger. Micro injected rubber. Reinforced thumb. Rubber and neoprene wrist closure for a perfect fit ... they are incredibly comfortable.

Hebo boots    mots black helmet    airoh

 The silver boots are the Hebo TR Pro, very easy buckle use and adjustment. The MOTS Helmet is the GO-Black. Made of fibreglass with “bag-molding” . Shell Inner ventilation with front, side and rear intakes. Coolmax inside for extra sweat absorption. Removable and washable interior, Aluminium screws, Quick release micrometric buckle Adjustable and removable peak Weight: 900gr. The Airoh Carbon Kevlar helmet is a birthday present from my partner Jo and is even lighter than the MOTS, at just 750gr. Once again it has removable and washable lining and adjustable peak with quick release strap ... both of these helmets feel featherweight compared to the helmet i have been wearing recently. I do get a bit sweaty when i ride and there is nothing worse than sticking your head back into a wet cold and steaming crash hat after a lunch stop ... so I am going to be spoiled and be able to carry a spare :)

Many thanks to Trial Enduro Direct ... you can buy MOTS and Hebo at most good trials dealers or go direct to them ... HERE
The full MOTS range can be viewed via the MOTS Website
And the Airoh can be purchased, as Jo did, from SXS .. give them a call as they aren't on the site at present.