cti knee brace

The Story so far ....

 ... A quick catch up for those new to the site or those wondering why there has been a lack of activity for a while. It started roughly 3 years ago when I went over to friends lovely piece of trials riding land in Wales for a practice session. After a few hours of riding we went down into the stream that runs along the valley and started to play on the rock steps at the far end, only three or four feet high and nothing too hard. After playing around for a short while I decided to exit the water up a small step and popped the front wheel up and as I gave the throttle a little twist to get up the step the rear wheel spun off a small rock and I planted my foot onto the top of the rock step to just help it up ....

 .. This is where it all went wrong! My foot slipped into the gap between two rocks and wedged in pointing in one direction, my bike and body heading roughly 180 degrees in the other direction. There was that moment you get in a car crash where the world slows down and even though you know what is going to happen it is impossible to stop it. I felt my whole leg being twisted, and twisted some more. At the point I was expecting a horrible crack and probably parts of bones to be pointing out of my riding jeans there was a slight pop and I found myself laying in the very cold water of the stream... then the pain hit me!! I am told I swore a lot, and as I looked down at my leg expecting blood etc it suddenly dawned on me that my foot was pointing backwards. Another wave of intense pain hit me and I turned around in the water, completely involuntary I hasten to add, and amazingly my knee popped back into place.

 The freezing water probably numbed the pain a bit at this point as stupidly after a short while I tried to stand up again, it was if someone had shot me in the knee and I went down like a corkscrew back into the water. Cut a long story short, very badly dislocated knee, ripped the tendons and ligaments and completely knackered my ACL ... and 5 months off work to recover.

 It was quickly apparent that trying to ride again for the next year was going to be an issue so I sold my lovely 290 Beta Evo and went through the recovery time by taking up golf and building up a SWM 320 to relive my youth on when I was fit enough again. The theory was that with the twinshock I would only be riding the easier sections and therefore save myself further injury. Wrong! Out practicing about 18 months later I slid back down a bank and caught a tree on the way down... pop went the knee again, but no where near as bad. Another period of recovery and things were looking good. I had ridden a fair few events and even won some of them so when the offer came to accompany Steve Saunders and family on a trip to Jersey for the 2 day event I was there like a shot. Steve had very kindly supplied me with a set of lightweight knee braces to help protect the injury ... you can probably guess at what event I failed to wear them ..... !

Again I was riding well, getting the old beast through stuff that was taking big marks of modern bike riders when the old enemy was placed in front of me. A very slippery climb across roots and cambers! You can guess the rest, I came down backwards with my left leg under the bike and out popped the knee again. That was it as far as I was concerned ... golf from now on!

And here we are, almost one year on. The golf thing has worn a bit thin, I love playing but made the mistake of joining a club which meant I play just at that venue all the time now ... bored with it! Need to get back on a bike and keep the golf as a fun thing to do when I fancy it and at different courses. So after advice from hospital physio I organised a visit to a private place in Bristol to be fitted for a CTi Knee brace. Not so simple it turns out, the specialist took a look at my knee and twisted it a bit and basically told me the NHS specialist should have insisted I went for reconstructive surgery on it as it is so knackered! Brilliant ... now i have to go through the doctors again and tell them I want a second opinion and try and get on the waiting list ... ++update++ Seen doctor, new appointment for specialist and MRI scan ordered! Now we wait...

But meanwhile the full on custom fit CTi has been ordered, the off-the-shelf version is very good but it doesn't support the full range of issues that my knee has. What you see on the left is what I will end up with, the pro-sport CTi brace with patella cap.. even after surgery, if i manage to get it, I am advised to wear this when riding ... trial or MTB. It is hand man in California to your measurements from Carbon Fibre with silicon padding.. as lightweight and low profile as you can get.

I will keep you updated ... I have a little project in the garage that requires fettling and once the brace arrives I will be out riding again, just keeping to the middle route to stop me thinking about doing anything too silly!