Canadian news .... !

Dates for the 2014 WTC events ...

 ... note, just been informed that dates for Western Champs are now 28/29th June not 2/3rd August

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The two places in the world that i have visited and would go back to in a shot are Australia and Canada, and in particular I would love an extended trip to the West side of Canada ... British Columbia to be slightly more exact.
So when old buddy of r2w Dave Rhodes sent me this info recently i was almost straight on to the flight booking web sites!! ...

"Hey Heath - This is the location that we will be holding the 2014 WTC Western Canadian Championship - The Glacier House Resort at Revelstoke BC.

We can ride right out of the parking lot and there are fantastic sections to choose from for all levels - I took these images from a helecopter flown by one of my customers - He has 3 Betas that he bought from me an Evo 300, RR 300 Enduro and an RR 498 which he is setting up as a snow bike. (see last image)

This is the hottest new Dirt bike destination spot in Canada, with MX track, World class Endurocross Track, and World class Xtreme Enduro trails being built. - It's long been a popular place for winter skiiing and snowmobiling - We recently put on an Arena Trial demo there and the whole Town is 100% behind the dirt bikes"


from above

Beta for snow
The Helicopter pilots Beta ready for the snow ... !!